The Earl of Swirl by Stone & Wood


The Earl of Swirl is Stone & Wood’s wild and fruity Berry Cream Sour and their ninth limited Counter Culture release.

Hang onto your neckerchief and lose urself in the rapturous additions of over a 1,000L of blackberry, 400L of raspberry, lactose and vanilla bean, balanced on a pale malt backbone, a lactobacillus pitch and one risqué ABV.

You can purchase your 500ml two-pack of The Earl of Swirl from Stone & Wood’s online store ($25 + free shipping) or at the Byron Bay Tasting Room and Brisbane brewery, where you’ll also be able to enjoy The Earl of Swirl on tap.

The Earl of Swirl will also be available at all good independent bottleshops and venues. Call ahead to make sure they’re stocking it.