Smart LED Lighting Solutions for Your Byron Bay Business

Until recently, the primary goal of most businesses was to make money from their investments in the form of profits. Interestingly, unexpected environmental changes and customer behaviours have made it mandatory for businesses to change their policies. More businesses have started adopting sustainable and forward-thinking business approaches. Though often overlooked, businesses can improve their efficiency and become sustainable by changing their lighting.

Installing smart lighting solutions and consulting professionals in switchboard upgrades Gold Coast is beneficial to your businesses in many ways. You should consider switching to smart LED lighting solutions for the following reasons:

Lighting Affects Customer Buying Habits

The atmosphere is one of the many things that affect customers buying behaviour, and lighting can change your business’s atmospheric conditions. Several studies have shown that light has a significant influence on mood. This explains why some people experience seasonal affective disorder when there’s less natural light.

Bright light heightens emotions, which inspires customers to make practical buying decisions. Customers are bound to make impulse purchases from stores with bright lights. That aside, lighting also affects customer perceptions. Most people associate dimly lit retail stores and restaurants with luxury and exclusivity and brighter lighting with bargains and low prices. Surprisingly, bright light is also associated with natural and healthy things.

Energy Efficiency and Longer Life Span

Smart LED lights are more energy efficient and long-lasting than regular incandescent bulbs. Replacing regular bulbs in your commercial setting with LED bulbs saves 70% to 80% on energy costs. Typically, making the switch is a perfect investment for any business looking to improve its bottom line. Other benefits of smart LED lights include the following:

  • It creates a good impression for your business
  • Encourages sustainability
  • Complements other smart installations
  • Non-toxic, fewer headaches, and improves sleep

Commercial LED Lighting Options and Controls

While there are endless smart lighting options available in the market, not all are suitable for commercial settings. You should consider several factors when searching for LED lighting options and controls for your business. Start by prioritising the nature of your business. For instance, opt for LED lights with a wide distribution pattern if your business is a distribution centre with low shelves and an open floor plan. The fixtures should also illuminate all sides.

You should also consider the colour temperature. White colours increase employee safety and productivity. An overly warm colour temperature makes it difficult for employees and
customers to see products clearly. Similarly, you should choose the best lighting fixture
positioning. Besides LED lights, businesses can save money and energy by installing smart lighting controls and solar panels for your business. Lighting controls allow you to adjust lighting based on various factors. For instance, installing daylight harvesting controls adjust the brightness of LED lights automatically. You should also install occupancy sensors, which turn off lights when there’s nobody in a room.


You should entertain the idea of retrofitting your business with LED lighting solutions. Like most performing businesses, you should get rid of outdated and energy-zapping installations. You should choose from the hundreds of LED lighting solutions available and consult professionals for energy-efficient upgrades.