Julie Corbet’s Solo Exhibition at the Art Piece Gallery


From the onomatopoe(t)ic effect of the show’s alliterative title to the liquid flow of paint, Julie Corbet’s paintings encourage the viewer beyond the superficial.

To Corbet, abstract art is mysticism – “it explores intuition and instinct. It is suggestive. It embraces uncertainty.” She says.

Inspired by the view from a light aircraft, traversing the skies above Kakadu and Lake Ayre, the paintings may have as easily gushed forth from the wellspring of an internal landscape. Describing landforms, swirling waters, turbulent skies, they are also an internally guided exploration of paint, light, colour.

As colours collide and coelesce, paint is the meandering, almost hallucinogenic medium and communion with the whole is the illimitable message

Illimitable Flow
Thursday 19th March at 6.00 pm.
It’s a show humming with energy and colour as you’ll see from the images below.
Come and bring a friend or three.

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