Creative Thinking, Ideas and Writers Block with M.E.Baird


Want to know how to think clearer, deeper and more creatively? Singer-songwriter, visual artist and academic M.E.Baird’s workshop ‘RIGOUR: Creative Thinking, Idea Production and Curing Writer’s Block’ is designed for ALL creatives wanting to hone their creative thinking processes.

Saturday, February 16 from 10am, hosted by the Byron Writers Festival

Why are creativity and ideas important?

Creativity and ideas have always been important to societies on an artistic, cultural, philosophical and innovational level. It is crucial to our longevity.

It has also been claimed that those who are able to think creatively will be best equipped to problem solve and innovate into the future. However, we also live in a new paradigm of technology, relentless digital noise and device dependence. The over-reliance on these technologies and devices has now been proven to diminish our ability to think intuitively. Therefore, now more than ever we need powerful and simple tools to maintain and increase our ability to think at a level that goes beyond the surface. To go deeper in our thinking has been and still is paramount to our survival as a species. ‘RIGOUR’ is for those wanting to know how to think clearer, deeper and more creatively, regardless of their background, knowledge and pursuits.”

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