BYE BYE PLASTIC BAGS: Education initiative comes to Byron schools


The Bye Bye Plastic Bag movement began in Bali and has had inspirational success achieving a pledge from the Balinese government to ban plastic bags in 2018. It is a youth led social initiative driven by children who care about their environment.

This week representatives from the Australian arm of the movement will be coming to Byron Shire’s own Coorabell Public School to spread the good word!

They will be speaking to classes for around 20-30 minutes telling the Bye Bye Plastic Bag story and speaking about youth empowerment and sustainability.

Their message is  about saying “no” to plastic bags and single use plastics.

Local ambassador Wendy Edlund says “I am hoping that this will be an informative and positive exercise both for the presenters and the students alike”.

Wendy is co-owner of Byron Hire, one of Popped Creative’s major, ongoing supporters. Over the years Byron Hire has supported countless local businesses, community organisations, and projects, and has always given back to the Byron region. This is a continuation of their generosity and commitment to community.

This project is close to the heart of many Byron bay residents and is a great way of starting the conversation with our youth community, who will ultimately be leading positive change for our future generations.

More information can be found at website: