Wind • Water • Earth Exhibition Opens October 21

Wind, Water, Earth, a journey through the elements opens Friday 21 October and runs through 2 November, featuring Jewellery by Rosie, paintings in mixed media by Wendy Taylor, mixed media on paper by Sue Dahlenburg, and colour drawings by Buff Hungerland.

The colour, textures, culture, vegetation and people captivated Rosie Stollery on a trip to China to study Feng Shui as another layer of her architecture practice. As she explored the connection between the earth and the heavens, between the people of the land and changing conditions over time for her studies, she also relished opportunities to visit town markets and dirt stalls, collecting pre-used carved jade and precious stones. Capturing those small moments along the path from distant misty mountaintops to dusty peasant courtyard floors, Rosie designs the gems into contemporary neckpieces and adornment.

Fearless explorer of mixed media in both two and three dimensions, Wendy Taylor shows paintings in mixed media for this exhibition, in a series called The Edges of Memory, representing fragmented images captured when criss-crossing Australia in her intrepid 4 x 4. A true local, Wendy works exuberantly in fibre, paper sculpture and collage, mixed media and adornment.

Sue Dahlenburg’s work in this exhibition explores the human form in mixed media on paper. Sue began her career as a commercial artist and graphic designer, an area in which she continues to practice today. Her personal work, however, represented in this exhibition in the series, Body of Life, demonstrates her delight in the freedom to play with various media while exploring her lifelong fascination with life drawing.

Low tide beach walks smooth out the frayed edges of our lives, whilst also revealing patterns left behind by the retreating water. Sand patterns and dunescapes underly the imagery the series, Southerlies, by Buff Hungerland. With the enthusiasm of an Ex-pat in an adopted land, Buff layers rich colour of wax-based pencils and reimagines the wildness in this most northerly point of Australia.

Lone Goat Gallery invites you to the opening of Wendy, Sue, Josie & Buff’s exhibition ‘Wind • Water • Earth,’ Friday October 21st at 6pm.

The exhibition will run from October 21st -November 2nd, 2016. Open from 10am – 4pm daily.

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