Vianney Pinon at Lone Goat Gallery from November 6


The great shows keep coming, and now we are pleased to invite you to the opening of Vianney Pinon’s photographic painting exhibition “Human Nature”.

This series of enigmatic artworks by Vianney Pinon make comment about our Human presence on earth, leading the viewer to ponder some of the bigger questions about the impact we have, and have had.

“The body of work was inspired by textures. Often textures of materials abandoned on the land, pieces of metal, concrete, wood… always tracks of human passing, of human doing, of human being. I began seeing them as mirrors of our flesh, of humanity…
These photographic paintings……are a bridge between matter and vision, being and feeling, real and surreal, human and natural for a deeper perception of our Human-Nature.” – Vianney Pinon

Human Nature is Vianney’s first solo show. After the Byron Bay exhibition at the Lone Goat gallery, it will travel to his home town of Arles, France.

November 6th – 18th, 2015
Open from 10 – 4pm daily

For further information visit