Transition Workshop


3-4 February at Sustainable Valley
Presented by Mind and Body Leadership Coach – Erin Tetarenko (MSc)

Are you at a crossroads and looking for change? Maybe, you’re yearning for a greater sense of purpose and meaning within your work?

If you’re in the midst of change or planning to make the shift from what’s comfortable to the unknown, join an inspiring community as we explore heart-centered and practical strategies to help you prepare for an empowered transition.

Within this 2-day workshop you’ll have some time to clarify what’s really important and what gives your life a sense of purpose. Tap into powerful aspects of yourself while exploring your core values and intrinsic motivation. You will use this information to explore success on your own terms, identify pathways for positive change, and create strategies to prepare you for meaningful change.

Practical exercises are given to support you to build confidence and appropriate resources to overcome potential barriers and obstacles that prevent successful goal achievement. Participants will learn practical techniques and skills from current research in coaching and positive psychology, the science of human flourishing and optimal performance.


Saturday 3rd February – (10am – 4:30pm)

Sunday 4th February – (10am – 3:30pm)

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