Tracing the Songlines Workshop with Artist Eleni


From October 16th to the 18th, earth-artist Helen Ibrahim, or “Eleni” will be teaching a workshop along with other musicians and artists such as Robert Lawlor and Murray Kyle. This workshop will not only be an amazing event for visitors of NSW, but also for locals to learn about the inspiring artists that are just around the corner.

Helen Ibrahim, or “Eleni”, successfully transitioned her life from hairdresser to professional artist within a few years. Helen has previously traveled among Indigenous “Tjilpi” in Australia and the Native American “Hopi”, where she found her extraordinary inspiration. Her portraits depict Aboriginal Elder “Kunmanara Randall” and eternal admiration for the natural world. Her earth-to-canvas technique capturing the voice of Australia’s “Stolen Generation” has been celebrated by a multitude of Australian galleries as well the “See Me” Gallery in New York. “See Me” selected her acclaimed portrait to mask a 25 story building smack in the middle of Times Square. She has been the semifinalist in a series of competitions such as the Archibald and Doug Moran National Portrait Prize. In addition, her portrait, “Trust”, was also displayed in New York City’s Times Square.

Helen1Each painting has components of nature that are equal parts representational and literal. Twigs, bark, branches and feathers mixed together, compliment the balance of earth tones with vibrant hues that attribute to her message of love, community and nature.

Her art is not only a reflection of what it means to be part of this earth, but it is also an accurate narrative of her incredible journey. Visitors and locals of Byron Bay can now experience and learn from some of the best artists around.

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“Tracing the Songlines”: Sacred Geometry, Ancient Civilisations and Timeless Stories
October 16, 17, 18 5pm-8pm
Starseed Gardens
103 Yagers Lane, Byron Bay, Australia