THE NECKS – Byron Bay Community Centre


Wed 28 March, 7.30pm $25/$28
Tickets : Online or phone (02) 6685 6807

The Necks return to Byron Bay for their only regional show on their sell-out Australian tour. World famous improvising legends The Necks have returned home for their much anticipated annual Australian tour in February and March.

Having begun as a private jamming project with no plans to perform publicly,The Necks are now getting calls from Brian Eno wanting to collaborate with them, or Nick Cave inviting them to perform at festivals. They are renowned globally for creating immersive, hypnotic concert experiences over two one-hour sets, with acoustic piano (Chris Abrahams), bass (Lloyd Swanton) and drums (Tony Buck) slowly conjuring sound mountains out of thin air and leaving audiences utterly mesmerized.

“There’s a state I reach while playing with The Necks of complete emptiness, where the music is flowing through you and you just have no sense of self at all,” says Swanton. “I think that’s probably a fantastic state for people to listen to you in. It’s certainly a great state to be in, because you’re almost floating.”

“Ever since the beginning, The Necks have had a concept that we walk out on stage and the music – and that’s not just sound, it’s a whole relationship that we have with each other – will take care of itself,” says pianist Chris Abrahams.

The unforced trajectory of The Necks career is also taking care of itself, with 2011 having been another huge year for The Necks. They released Mindset, their 16th album (and first on vinyl) to great acclaim, as well as touring Australia, North America and Europe. The latter being their most successful yet, a barnstorming 19-date workout with a string of sold out shows, including two in London and a highly acclaimed series of concerts with ambient legend Harold Budd.

The Necks are, simply, at the top of their game. Don’t miss them.

“The Necks are the masters” The Guardian (UK)

“A magic act masquerading as a piano trio, this Australian group delivers long-form improvisations that shift with such patient beauty that it casts a trance. You’ll seldom spend an hour that passes so quickly…and rewardingly” LOS ANGELES TIMES

“Like land passing below you from an aeroplane window. It’s so big and slow that it resists description” THE NEW YORK TIMES

“…somewhat suggesting how an early ‘70s Miles Davis band – minus Miles Davis – might sound if they reconvened to record for the Warp label.” UNCUT

“They produce a post-jazz, post-rock, post-everything sonic experience that has few parallels or rivals. They may teach us to listen in a new way, but they communicate a fierce energy and warmth at the same time. Their music is a thrilling, emotional journey into the unknown.” THE GUARDIAN (UK)

“(The Necks) draw your attention to the music instead of the means: you never get the idea that they’re playing for an hour to prove that they can do it, or to showcase a glut of ideas, but simply to give you the pleasure of focusing on music in extreme detail” PITCHFORK

“Tonal, accessible, and yet profoundly challenging… The Necks are singular… Yielding things no one else does” THE WIRE

“A performance by The Necks is a kind of religious experience” THE AUSTRALIAN