Gyuto Monks Of Tibet – ‘Standing for Peace’ – the next stage of the World Peace Stupa


“This stupa is very important for Byron Bay, the whole of Australia and for world peace”, Gen Lama Thupten Phuntsok, Gyuto Monk elder.

Stupa construction day – Thursday March 29th, 9 am – 4pm

The stupa construction is now at the half-way point with the Gyuto Monks continuing to create their extraordinary sacred art. On Thursday March 29th, there will be a full day of construction that will see most of the main section completed in just one amazing day. The public is invited to come and witness the first stupa in the world ever to be constructed in this innovative way. Enjoy short ceremonies from the monks as the day progresses, become a part of history and help bring peace to our world. In a thousand years, people may be asking ‘who was here when this monument was created and what were they dreaming?’. Progress may continue on the following day. Free entry both days until 10 am.

Meditating with the Monks – Thurs March 29th – Sunday April 1st

The Gyuto Monks will also be running their usual, wonderful program of morning chanting, children’s activities, lunchtime meditation sessions and talks from Thursday March 29th – Sunday April 1st.

Harmonic Chanting Performance- Give Peace a Chance –
a fundraising evening event – Saturday March 31st, 6 pm.

“The mere sight of a monk is believed to be a blessing, but to hear the sound of their chanting is to be transformed” Maureen Fallon, Gyuto House Australia
The Gyuto Monks will offer a Harmonic Chanting performance on Saturday March 31st at 6pm at Crystal Castle. The performance is a fundraiser for the World Peace Stupa monument at Crystal Castle.
The event was originally planned for late January but delayed due to flooding.

Trained over many years, each monk has developed the extraordinary capacity to chant in three octaves at the same time. The deep, stirring sounds produced have been called the sounds of heaven and are reputed to have a transformative effect on the physical as well as the emotional body.
Snacks, cakes and vegetarian meals will be available from the Crystal Castle Lotus Cafe from 6pm with the chanting performance starting from 7.30pm.
The World Peace Stupa is being built at Crystal Castle to aid in restoring the balance of our Earth and re-establish peace and harmony in the local and worldwide community. All proceeds go to the Stupa, a project which has been blessed by his Holiness the Dalai Lama.
Harmonic Chanting Monks Performance
Saturday 31st March 6pm
Crystal Castle, Mullumbimby
Pre tickets: $25 On the door: $30
Phone: 02 6684 3111