The Gyuto Monks of Tibet Return to Crystal Castle


From Wednesday October 8th through Sunday October 12th the Gyuto monks will be offering a beautiful daily program of morning and afternoon chants, meditations and fun and enriching cultural activities.

HISAHsSy4HGSqszZeJp_jYn--s7NqOa_CR4Td_VatALlok_DmCzzzqWzc7J2MORZuGzxML0pvBxjKAnHLFA8vRZAngXstpufL9PAoRbCx0ZfRVf8OQyDWF5kguYMiTcBpte94po59x8Z5w=s0-d-e1-ftOn Saturday 11th October we will celebrate the second birthday of the Kalachakra World Peace Stupa with Free Entry to the Crystal Castle for everyone, all day for this special community event.

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