The 2nd Annual Byron Spirit Festival 2013 Wraps Up


It was wet and wild, challenging and unifying. It enveloped the town of Mullum and assisted folks to overcome the conditions in workshops, forums, dances, live Skype sessions, and unforgettable concerts.

‘The Spirit Festival put our personal strength and spiritual practices to the test. We were encouraged to work together as a community to find unified soul and solutions! The abundance of water was perhaps a gift, a blessing, a reminder to us all of why we’re so committed to preventing CSG from poisoning this most precious resource in our country,” says Director, Kate Little.

With over 1,000 people participating, sessions were well-attended in 14 venues around town. The outdoor Spirit Village had to regrettably shift some stalls and activities, but the public Spirit Stage carried on throughout the days. The fun and free buses helped the spirit of camaraderie that palpably pervaded throughout the festival.

Blessings from the just-off-the-plane Gyuto Monks, Tantra sessions with Margot Anand, the all day dance tribute to Gabrielle Roth, live skype sessions with Mooji and Kenneth Ray Stubbs, nonstop YOUthSpeak, Ayurveda, Cacao Ceremony, Soundshowers, Xavier Rudd’s two guest appearances with Nahko and Medicine for the People, plus more kinds of yoga than any kali could count, the 2nd annual Byron Spirit Festival satiated the need to activate and unite the very all ages punters in depth, creativity and peace.

Look out for future events: