Making the decision to return to work just got easier for primary carers who are part of the Stone & Wood family, thanks to a new childcare support initiative that enables new parents to get back to their careers once they’re ready.

Acknowledging that the decision to get back into the workforce is often accompanied by the financial pressures of childcare, Stone & Wood has added financial support for childcare to their Brewlife benefits. This allows employees to access up to $5,000 to cover professional childcare fees within 18 months of birth or adoption of their child when they return to work.

Recognising the positive impact on the broader community when primary carers return to work, and to facilitate both parents in their career plans, the benefit also extends to the partner of a Stone & Wood employee, even if they are employed elsewhere.

Stone & Wood Brewlife Manager Elise Skinner said the initiative stemmed from a family-friendly culture and was designed with gender and diversity in mind.

“Starting a family, plus balancing home, work and career goals, is no easy task,” Elise said. “We consider our business to be a family and we wanted to encourage and support our people and their loved ones as they build their own families and their future together. We hope this benefit makes that decision to return to work a little easier.”