Star Stuff: Festival of the Cosmos Byron Bay


It’s only 100 days until Star Stuff! A few updates:

Update 1 – Session times are now available! We’ve had numerous requests for more detail here so hopefully this helps you plan your holiday weekend if you are coming from out of town. Check for details.

Update 2 – If the weatherman is kind, we will be looking and photographing the heavens from the stunning “Heart of the Bay” vista overlooking the bay (pictured). These will be run in groups so we can give each group a good sky tour and viewing through several telescopes from Celestron & the Southern Astronomical Society.

Update 3 – If the weatherman isn’t kind we are looking to run a movie night in the exhibition hall on the Sunday night as well anyway. Stay tuned for details of this screening.

Update 4 – Dr Karl’s presentation for VIP ticket holders is “Great Moments in Space Science – Why do the stars have points? Why are asteroids God’s way of enquiring gently about our space program? What colour is the universe? Gravitational Waves and much more…” We can’t wait!

Update 5 – The VIP dinner is fancy! We will have more detail on the food shortly and ways for ticket holders to register dietary requirements (vegetarian / dairy free / gluten free etc) beforehand so nobody misses out. Due to the fanciness it will be smart-casual to formal dress as you prefer! So if you want to make a night of it, don’t be afraid to break out your Sunday best!

Update 6 – Dr Karl will be doing a book signing if you’d like to buy a copy of his latest book and meet Australia’s favourite science communicator at the same time!

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