Get your dose of fine art, craft and everything in-between at Splendour in the Grass 2017!

This July SPLENDOUR ARTS will once again transform the green fields of North Byron Parklands into a 600acre gallery space – an unadulterated, sensory wonderland, ensuring monumental, weird and straight up wacky adventures at every turn. #culture

Leading Splendour’s Art Squad of 2017 is internationally renowned installation artist Craig Walsh, curating a mind-bending batch of no-filter-needed moments from the second you hit the ground. Imagine an inflatable resting-bitch-face Kanye that needs your help to turn his frown upside down, prolific projections, monumental sculptures and interactive installations that trade in death and the afterlife, all taking over North Byron Parklands from 21 July to 23 July.

Sad Kanye

By Hungry Castle
Barcelona based art group Hungry Castle, featuring Dave Glass, create big, playful public art and are responsible for the formidable Mr Poopie at Splendour 2016. After exhibiting all around the Globe, they return to Australia with the 10m high inflatable Sad Kanye. After pondering why Kanye always has such a resting bitch-face, they want the public’s help to cheer him up. What can you put inside Sad Kanye to make him happy?

Pickle’s Funeral Parlour
Dead People R Us
By Andy Forbes (A Tent of Miracles production)
Presented by performance and installation artist Andy Forbes, Pickle’s Funeral Parlour is a House of Horror audience walk-through featuring theatre, video, sound, performance, kinetic sculpture and installation. Let Gothic family, the Pickle’s, share with you all they know about death, the afterlife and all its mysteries as you explore three interactive environments. A Splendour mainstay since 2002, Andy captures the spontaneity and alchemy that occurs between artist and audience by blending raw comedy with satire on pop culture.

Optical Oval
By Artists Projection Takin, Nick Asides & Rose Staff
Optical Oval is a site-specific projection installation of geometric designs that will be displayed across the Mix-Up stage grounds. The projected images are newly developed life-size optical designs and mazes, free for punters to explore. From a distance, they will look visually stunning. Up close they’ll offer up a new level of engagement for the audience. The ground will be transformed in a temporal installation playing with space and perception, drawing upon the traditions of Op art, Conceptual art and Minimalism.

By Sam Songailo
Artist Sam Songailo’s work takes form in painting, installation, video, sound and sculpture. Influenced by digital technology and electronic music, Sam adopts algorithms and the concepts from these disciplines to shape his approach to both physical and pictorial space. Highly immersive and realised on a monumental scale, Sam’s work accentuates the compositional elements of line and space in a form that recalls both the modernist grid and digital networks.

Arch Tunnel Response
By Ash Keating
The Arch Tunnel Response returns! This site-responsive painting by Melbourne artist Ash Keating, was commissioned especially for the entrance tunnel to the Splendour in the Grass site to be exhibited over a three-year period. This project continues an ongoing investigation of site-specificity by the artist, the process guided instinctively by the shape and architecture of the tunnel itself.

For those of you that are keen to share some #madskillz of their own, Splendour in the Craft returns in all its bedazzling glory in 2017!


Calling all knit wits!

Renowned for stitching up the coolest shiz in the crafty biz, Splendour in the Craft returns to North Byron Parklands with an explosion of glitter and pipe-cleaners and some of Australia’s most crafty mofos in tow! Prepare to get sticky with the likes of Beci Orpin, Patience and Rachel from Fancy Free, Each to Own, Art Park, Polli and more!

Craft Mafia HQ has conjured up another killer (and totally free) program including…

Night Lights with AMAC
That Felt Good! With Monkey Monkey Shake Shake
Fake it ‘til you make it (yourself) with Fancy Free (Rachel Burke and Patience Hodgson)
T-shirt Bag Raiders with Fancy Free
Beci Orpin In Da House
Charms for the Charming with Each to Own
Queens of the Straw Age with Niki Buckland and Mish Lockwood
Totes Totes! with Art Park
Put a Bling on it with Polli
And much more…

Drop by Splendour in the Craft whenever you like and get crafting with a conscience, creating your own Boomerang Bag using recycled materials.

Got back-to-back dates with Stormzy and LCD Soundsystem? Don’t worry, we get it. Boomerang Bags have an online template so you can get your craft on at home before the fest. Make your bags, and then drop them off at the craft tent! Can’t sew? Sew what! Bring along some old shopping or tote bags and we’ll make sure they get the love they deserve.

Pop a button mid dab? Felt fedora seen better days? Knit happens! Thankfully the Mend it Like Beckham stall is back, where festival goers can get their gear mended for free.

One should never craft on an empty stomach, so make sure to pick up a red skin cookie and coffee from our very own café, SouthSide Tea Room, run by Aussie indie band The Grates.

Sew much crafty goodness under one tent! First in will certainly be the best dressed and remember, friends don’t let friends knit drunk. Craft responsibly.

Friday 21 July, Saturday 22 July and Sunday 23 July

North Byron Parklands

Tweed Valley Way, Wooyung (15 mins north of Byron Bay)