Renew Fest June 18


Set under magnificent fig trees in the lush foothills of Mt Chincogan, this community collaboration brings together an inspiring collection of hearts and minds to showcase cellular intelligence for sustainable futures. Feeding your heart and mind Renew Fest will ripen your world.

​This inaugural seed day on JUNE 18, 2016 @ The Mullumbimby Show Grounds, Renew Fest is the start of a potent movement to renew many facets of our communities livelihood and this beautiful earth. With your support it has the potential to grow into a 3 day lived experience festival of sustainability. We together can create the future our children and the next 7 generations deserve.

13239069_610263092472890_8089322526145996531_nYou can expect:
Keynote Speakers, Panellists, Renewable Energy, Biodiversity, Food Sovereignty, Solar Battery Expo featuring the TESLA Powerwall ,Music, Dance, Entertainment, Presentations & Workshops,Waste Free Living Food, Produce, Info Stalls, Community Action Groups, Tree Planting, Youth & Little Peoples Program.

All proceeds going to COREM for community solar installation projects!

For full program and further information visit