“Place Of Dreams” Robert Ryan @ Lone Goat Gallery January 16 – February 4


We are delighted to invite you to the second of our 2015 exhibitions, welcoming Robert Ryan back to Byron Bay for his first local exhibition in many years: Place of Dreams.

-5cIglWvvpCd59ZTm3S8oOD0-aPmyW_Z7o4MinRFm6JGVPt2OVfnDtNeQJ1g9OdojAdfUUZouxC8pigBQzgtg2R2COlD8_BEMF3-rA-hVUh8wQgg50ZVgemRJk3ge__rYV3_ftk48ehHFWdBZ_fTv5TjU8JFbMnEdKvJHDM=s0-d-e1-ftThe title of the exhibition, references the very “idea” of Byron Bay for those who move here – the search for a better, less complicated life.

However, even the most simple things are surprisingly complicated upon closer inspection…

For example, the painting “Subdivisions No. 2” (above), in its size and detail, symbolises the controversy, passion, and political intrigue dominating the debate about the West Byron development. Great effort has been made in representing each house and its occupants in an individual way reflecting the diverse demographic of the North Coast.

Song lines are in danger of being obscured which is a sober reminder of the challenges faced by the original people. It seems to Robert that Byron Bay, and indeed the North Coast in general, is on the verge of great change, and there are many directions that change can take.

Robert says: “This exhibition is a visual response to the general zeitgeist of the times, and in some cases, a relaxed reminder of just how good it can be simply living here.”

For further information visit www.lonegoatgallery.com

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