Long Life “Tsewang” Ceremony at the Crystal Castle


This Sunday, 12th August : 11.30am – 2pm
FREE ENTRY up till 11:30am for all!

There is also a unique opportunity for your own Buddha statues and altar at home to become connected and a part of the large altar of peace being created for Byron and the region.

By calling in all the Buddhas to a state of ‘Auspicious Co-incidence’ the aim will be to create a “Buddhaverse”; a universe of Buddhas through the blessing of 1000 Buddhas know as ‘Sangye Tong Ku’.

First, the statues need to be cleansed; then the monks will perform all the traditional rites associated with filling, sealing and consecrating the Buddha statues. After the cleansing this week, take them home again for the 6 week drying period, then bring them back during the October monks program for them to be filled with rolled mantras (prayers) and sealed; thereby consecrating your statues which will then sit in your home or on your altar to become part of the great peace altar of the Byron region.

We invite you to bring your personal Buddha statues with you this Sunday (or prior if you can’t make it) to begin the process. You’re welcome to bring any type of Buddha, however it does need to be hollow for the traditional rites of mantra filling to be completed.

If you don’t have one, or you would like a traditional style Tibetan Buddha (traditionally Tibetan Buddhas have a pure gold face), we have some stunning statues available for purchase in our Gallery.

For further information, visit; www.crystalcastle.com.au