Jetstar Quits Ballina to Melbourne Flights

From 1 August there will be no more direct flights between Ballina-Byron Gateway Airport and Melbourne.

The Airport in Ballina is the closest airport to Byron Bay.

I beleive they will honour all pre-booked flights including pasangers coming up for schoolies week.If you have tickets – you should get in touch with JetStar.

If you want to fly up from Melbourne you’ll have to go via Sydney – or fly direct to the Gold Coast Airport.


  1. The major airport for the region, servicing Byron Bay and Lismore, is in Ballina.The airport has links to Melbourne and Sydney with Jetstar, Regional Express and Virgin operating services.

  2. More than a shame! We fly up 4 times a year to enjoy Byron but now will look elsewhere as the extra travelling to the Gold Coast and back to Byron, added to our lengthy trip from home to Tullamarine, mean that it just isn’t worth it. To travel via Sydney or the Gold Coast adds hours to our trip, and would result in whole days spent travelling. Time now to enjoy Victoria, take up snow sports in the winter, and try elsewhere. Very sad news for us and for the Byron tourism industry, I think.

  3. Join the Facebook petition to reinstate direct flights between Melbourne and Ballina Byron Bay and get involved by downloading contact lists for all local councillors and state MP’s and making some noise with your local elected representatives.

  4. I live in Melbourne and have close family near Ballina, so this is a real blow for me in terms of keeping in touch!! Thanks for your suggestions Mark – I will follow that up.

  5. This is unbelievable….I fly up at least 6 times per year to visit my Dad…..It is a major tourist destination….why have they done this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Problem is they are basically a private company and will do as they want – to blame are the shuttle services who believe that it only takes an extra 10mins to run down from GC to Byron – so as not to split their fleet once a day I feel they are the ones who petitioned JetStar to run only from the GC – JetStar will remain ex-Sydney through competition from Virgin – petition all you like to JetStar but I feel you need to target your attention to our own operators especially when it comes to Ballina Tourism, considering that almost 80% of travellers on that flight went to Byron. What 10mins when the flights are cheaper to the GC.

  7. This is such a shame. We need direct flights from Ballina/Byron reinstated as soon as poss, my parents just find it too hard to have to get off and on planes via Sydney, in fact, without direct flights, will NOT be flying to see and stay with family in Melbourne as before.

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