How to Stop Bugs From Taking Over the House When You’re On Holiday


Many species of insects form a necessary part of our ecosystem. They break down leaf litter, feed our bird population, and some are even pollinators. Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop them from being frustrating and unwelcome visitors when they start taking over your home. If you’re tired of coming home to a bug-filled house after an extended period away, it might be worth taking the following steps.

Get Pest Treatment

Before leaving your home to go on holiday, consider organising for a pest control services provider to carry out preventative treatment. While many people target pest insects once they arrive, there is equally as much value in ensuring they don’t turn up in the first place.

Around one to two weeks before you’re due to set off, make contact with a pest control company and explain the situation. They’ll be able to provide an appropriate solution based on your area and the insects you likely encounter. By the time you return home, you won’t need to worry about bugs infesting your property in your absence.

You can also do the same thing for your holiday home. Before you arrive or after you leave, arrange for someone to treat the house and give those pesky critters their marching orders.

Clean Your House

Even though there’s a lot of planning to do in the lead up to a holiday or heading home from one, it’s worth allocating a few hours to a house clean. By making sure you leave your property spotless, you’re providing an uninviting environment for many insect types.

Spend time cleaning up food crumbs from delicious treats you purchased at local eateries, wiping down all surfaces, and making sure pantry items are stored in sealed containers. Vacuum the floor thoroughly, and don’t forget to take out the trash. These small chores may make a significant difference to the number of insects that decide to call your home theirs.

Change Your Lighting

There’s nothing quite like sitting on your deck with a cold beverage in hand, enjoying a relaxing holiday. That is until the bugs take a liking to your deck lighting and decide to pay a visit. Whether you’re at your property with outdoor lighting or you leave outdoor lights on while you’re away for security purposes, consider switching to LED bulbs.

While any form of light can attract nocturnal critters, LED lighting is less desirable. It emits a lower form of light that doesn’t draw them in, in large numbers, as other light bulb varieties do.

Carry Out Maintenance

If your home has gaps in the walls causing draughts or leaks causing puddles, you may be able to make it less attractive to insects by fixing these problems. When insects feel warm air coming out of a building, they try to find its source to bunker down somewhere warm. Leaks in your property cause moisture and humidity. These two things are an insect’s best friends. For instance, standing water can also be a tropical paradise for mosquitos. The next time you visit your holiday home for a family vacation, make a note to have a handyman stop by and rectify the situation.

You’ll never be able to get rid of bugs forever. Remember, they play a pivotal role in our ecosystem. However, that doesn’t mean you have to put up with them in your home. Whether you’re planning a holiday or returning from one, consider writing down some bug combating measures to put to good use when the time comes.