Byron Writers Festival highlights


And that’s a wrap.

We are very proud of a hugely successful 21st year with more than 130 writers, thinkers and commentators from across Australia and around the world converging on the beautiful Festival grounds at Elements of Byron to discuss, debate, enlighten and soak up the glorious Byron sunshine.

‘It’s so gratifying to know that visitors will carry stories back to their own communities, extending conversations started at the Festival far and wide. Whether that be about human rights, the environment, reflecting on national identity, refugees, or indeed talking about great books.’ – Edwina Johnson, Festival Director

A few words from our guests

‘Byron Writers Festival is one of my favourite events in Australia, both as a writer and a reader,” said novelist Hannah Kent. “To celebrate writing in its many incarnations and to explore and discover new ways of thinking and seeing in such an idyllic environment is bliss indeed.’

‘The best writers festival, a typically Byron mix of laid-back, feel-good vibe at a site bathed in the beauty of winter sunshine and sculpture, and a pitch perfect program that nourished all the senses. I came away stimulated, entertained, provoked and inspired. I discovered new voices and reconnected with favourites’ said author Caroline Baum. ‘Byron demonstrates that size is not everything, that curating with care really pays off and that staying true to your audience means they love you back.’

Australian rock legend Tex Perkins was a first time guest of Byron Writers Festival this year and commented ‘Byron Writers Festival has been the most interesting, stimulating and enjoyable festival of any kind I’ve been to in a long, long time… This is a world-class event that I’m now totally in love with.’

Thank you for your generous support

More than $8000 was raised for the Indigenous Literary Foundation at the Festival via generous donations from Festival patrons, and over 350 school children from flood affected schools attended our Primary Schools Days for free thanks to donations from Festival ticket-purchasers.

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