An evening with Sisonke Msimang


* Tickets $10 or FREE for members: Sisonke Msimang was born in exile, the daughter of South African freedom fighters. Her book ‘Always Another Country: A Memoir of Exile and Home’ is the story of a young girl’s path to womanhood—a journey that took her from Africa to America and back again, then on to a new home in Australia.

Join her in conversation with Russell Eldridge

Thursday 6 September, 2018
SAE Theatre, Byron Bay
Tickets $10 or Free for Members.

Praise for Sisonke Msimang and Always Another Country

‘Few of us have felt the grinding force of history as consciously or as constantly as Sisonke Msimang. Her story is a timely insight into a life in which the gap between the great world and the private realm is vanishingly narrow and it bears hard lessons about how fragile our hopes and dreams can be.’

‘Msimang pours herself into these pages with a voice that is molten steel; her radiant warmth and humour sit alongside her fearlessness in naming and refusing injustice. Msimang is a masterful memoirist, a gifted writer, and she comes bearing a message that is as urgent and timely as it is eternal.’

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