Erfan Daliri to the Radicle stage at Renew Fest


This year we welcome social animator, author, youth educator and internationally toured spoken word artist, Erfan Daliri to the Radicle stage at Renew Fest. Daliri is a freelance, free-roaming agent of renewal with a post-graduate diploma in communication for social change, with the stage presence of a seasoned performing artist. He is also the director of Tasmania’s groundbreaking NewKind Festival, a capacity building event designed to empower participants to become more effective activists and agents of change.

Renew Fest director Ella Rose Goninan recently attended Newkind Festival 2.0, as a recipient of their Social Change Agent Scholarship Program.

“I witnessed first hand, the breadth and width of this man’s heart and vision for humanity and country through Newkind’s unique festival context,” says Ella, “and I’m so excited about what his presence at Renew Fest will bring. His ability to inspire many to rise and roar in the name of climate justice is deeply moving”.

Renew Fest might be seen as a sister festival to NewKind, with a shared intention of galvanising social change and inspiring climate action.

Both Renew and NewKind, says Erfan, “recognise that the festival platform is a really powerful agent for offering a visceral, embodied learning experience of change. We are both aiming to use the festival platform to bring about real tangible change that lives within us as individuals first, which we then take out into the world to make the world a better place. I am coming to Renew Fest to collaborate further on catalysing and strengthening the national and global uprising of this unstoppable social change movement’.

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