Caitlin Reilly in Conversation with Andrew McDonald


Join Caitlin Reilly in conversation with Andrew McDonald (Lone Goat Gallery) at 2pm on Saturday 28 October at Lone Goat Gallery as they discuss Caitlin’s art practise, with a particular focus on her extensive experience working in Shanghai, collaborative workshops, art therapy programs, and strategies for emerging artists.

Caitlin Reilly is an Australian born multi-disciplinary artist living in Byron Bay, Australia, and has exhibited widely throughout China and Australia.

Caitlin’s work has been exhibited at the Shanghai Museum of Art, the Xuhui Art Museum, the 1933 Historical Slaughterhouse in Shanghai, Asia Contemporary Art Hong Kong 2014/15/16, Singapore Art Fair, Faces & Traces retrospective at The Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai, and the Taikang Community Gallery Songjiang, China.

In 2014-15 Caitlin undertook the Shokay Residency, travelling to Qinghai on the Tibetan plateau and to Chongming Island nearby Shanghai, working with the yak herding community, spinners and knitters.

Caitlin’s arts practice involves working in a broad range of media creating layering and textural history, with an extensive body of work exploring the development of surface rendering. Caitlin’s visual arts practice spans international platforms and is represented in collections throughout Australia, Europe, America, and China.

Caitlin’s exhibition Hymn to the Horizon is now showing at Lone Goat Gallery until November 8 2017. Hymn to the Horizon is a series of works rendered in oil paint, bitumen, dust and debris. Investigating abstract means and the simplicity of the horizontal line to explore surface rendering to access and communicate psychological states connected to lived and imagined terrains.

Lone Goat Gallery presents


Caitlin Reilly in Conversation
with Andrew McDonald

Hymn to the Horizon

2-3pm Saturday 28 October 2017


Caitlin Reilly’s exhibition Hymn to the Horizon is showing at Lone Goat Gallery Byron Bay until November 8 2017.