Byron Farmers Market celebrates


The Byron Farmers Market celebrated its 10th birthday yesterday. Ambassador for Year of the Farmer Natalie Gruzlewski, who was positively glowing with her pregnancy, was on hand to acknowledge the special people who contribute to the food industry in the Byron region.

Natalie Gruzlewski with Gavin Hughes

The Byron at Byron Resort and Spa’s Head Chef Gavin Hughes and Chef and Food Writer Belinda Jeffrey were particularly acknowledged, becoming official “Ambassadors” for the Byron Farmers Market.

Gavin Hughes has long been an advocate of the  region’s local produce and takes resort guests on weekly tours of the Farmers Market, introducing them to the people behind the produce.

“I’ve been going to the Farmers Market every week for the past eight years” said Gavin Hughes. “A lot of the growers have evolved in terms of having more varieties. Like Donna Harper, who started selling just one type of mushroom, and Coopers Shoot Tomatoes, who now sell so many varieties including heirloom. I feel like I have grown with these people. The markets seem to get busier every year. But all the people that sell there are still the farmers themselves. It’s very authentic, very real.

“They are such a tight knit group of people. There is a deep sense of loyalty and I feel a part of that in a way now, which is really special”.

Natalie Gruzlewski is enjoying a break at the Byron at Byron Resort and Spa whilst she is in the region.