Byron Bay Surf Festival – Tomorrow, Friday 25 Oct!


The third annual Byron Bay Surf Festival, set to kick off this weekend Friday 25th, is a colorful and imaginative manifestation of art, ocean, fashion, music, film, people, ideas, literature, food and crafts all filtered into one hell weekend – decorated in true Byron style and reflective of the beautiful, diverse and talented community by which Byron is known to be.

The opening of the festival will be a magic night under the stars on the Main Beach front, beginning in traditional Bundjalung ‘Welcome to Country’ ceremony and followed by the Australian premiere of the ‘Bella Vita’ film by Jason Baffa, presented by Dave Rastovich and Lauren Hill.


The arrival of Bella Vita on Australian shores has been long anticipated and the BBSF is very proud to be hosting such an event. Thanks to sponsorship by Patagonia and Sanuk, it’s a FREE event for the entire community.

Baffa, known for bringing story-telling to the modern surf genre classics, ‘One California Day’ (2009) and ‘Singlefin’: yellow (2004), joins Californian free surfer and environmentalist Chris Del Moro in an exploration of the blossoming Italian-surfing-scene. Both from Italian-born-fathers, Del Moro and Baffa spent three months traveling the Italian countryside not only in search of ride-able surf, but also on a quest to re-connect with their Italian heritage and study how a land of old-world-tradition is embracing the modern sub-culture of surfing. Del Moro’s pilgrimage is joined by international surfers Dave Rastovich, Lauren L. Hill, Conner and Parker Coffin as well as Italian stand-outs, Alessandro Ponzanelli and Leonardo Fioravanti. For many years now, Del Moro has made a career of traveling and surfing the worlds best waves and Bella Vita captures him at a pivotal time in life where he seeks to find deeper meaning to such travels and life experiences. The film captures this journey and explores the importance of family and culture in our lives. It also exposes, against popular belief, that there really are world-class waves to be found in the Mediterranean.

The festival opening night will be a special night for surfers, non surfers, visitors and families alike. Its free and with limitless capacity under the stars by the sea so bring along as many friends as you like, a picnic blanket and have a great night out all expenses paid. This opening event spills late into the night with a Corona sponsored launch party kicking off straight after at the Beach Hotel and featuring the retro/indie, Triple J presented band Wolf & Cub who are well known for their live entertainment and musical talent.

For further information, time schedules and event information go surf the site at and let your attendance be the support for this great annual community event. We’re lucky to have such cool and quality nested here at one of Australia’s most splendid beachfront locations.