Byron Bay Health Retreat Offers


Psychic development and Meditation Retreat
Four full days of relaxation, meditation and learning how to trust your inner voice, how to listen to your higher self, how to follow your intuition and in general how to tap into the wisdom and gifts of your inner self.

Days filled with many different kinds of meditations, profound teachings of the enlightened Masters, tales of experience of life as monk in Zen monasteries, a disciple in Indian ashrams, a student in mystery schools. Basic teachings of the chakra energy system and inner male and female energy patterns.

Psychic Reading Retreat
Six full days of all teachings and practicing needed to become an experienced psychic reader. Reading energy is a natural skill; we have just forgotten how to get in touch with this inner ability. Rago Dahlsen has worked as a psychic for over 25 years and will be guiding everyone into being able to do full psychic readings at the completion of this retreat.

Practicing profound wisdoms and techniques from the Mystery Schools. Teachings from the Enlightened Masters will be shared and practiced. As well as meditations and practices in order to remember ones inner gifts of intuition, gut feelings and higher insights, wisdom and healing. Practicing to read oneself, to read other participants and finally to read a complete stranger.

Psychic Massage Retreat
Four full days of teachings and practicing the art of tapping into the deeper reasons of why a person has created psychical tensions. Learning how to bring deeper understanding to the emotional body of client while giving a massage. Learning how to facilitate the healing needed for the client to let go of his/her tensions and relax into a sense of well being. Learning to give the best massage ever.
For this retreat some basic massage skills are required.


* The Psychic Development and Meditation Retreat (4 days)
-Oct. 30th till Nov. 2nd 2015
-Feb. 19th till 22nd 2016

* The Psychic Reading Retreat (6 days)
-Nov. 22nd till 28th 2015
-Mar. 20th till 26th 2016

* The Psychic Massage Retreat (4 days)
-Dec. 15th till 18th 2016
-Apr. 15th till 18th 2016


All retreats include:

  • Morning lighthouse walk (or beach walk).
  • Yoga stretches by the pool at the end of the day.
  • Organic breakfast, lunch and snacks all through the day.
  • Relaxing at and dipping in the salt water pool during the breaks.
  • Optional: accommodation will be arranged (not included in the price).
  • Optional: pampering massages at the end of the day (not included in the price).

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