Blogger Out of Time

I really wanted to ensure my blog was kept up to date with regular posts – alas, it wasn’t to be… 2 weeks since my last entry.

It’s not for lack of things happening – it’s actually that there is too much happening. Here’s a rundown to get you up to date.

Visitor Information

From time to time, Ross & Eva send me their up to date ‘Local Trail’ info – an accurate list of the regions Old Wares, Antique, Collectable, Emporiums and Secondhand Stores. You can keep up to date via their blog;

There’s also a new exhibition at the Art Piece Gallery in Mullumbimby called ‘About a Tree’, you can learn more at their website;


I will be able to share some big news about our Byron Bay based businesses in the near future, I can also tell you we are in the process of installing a new phone system for Byron Bay Accommodation PTY LTD, which will combine VoIP with land lines and give our staff more flexability as to where they work from.

I can also tell you we’ve recovered from our web server crash late last month. We were able to restore just about everything – but we did have to re-build our ‘map view’ feature from scratch. Have a look;

Industry News

Many people would be aware that Byron Shire Council has been trying to limit the number of holiday houses in Byron Bay for the past few years. I will provide details in a future post – in a nutshell, Council included a few Holiday Letting ‘precincts’ in their draft LEP and the State Govt has told them they cannot.

Well, that’s the Byron Bay highlights from the last 2 weeks. I will post more regularly in the future.