Bare Foot Beat Byron Bay


Under the sign of the Bare Foot Paw an absolutely mystifiyng line-up is unfolding for 6 hours ecstatic dancing party at the Byron Bay Brewery. 

Is it a WaW or a Grrr that we should say?

Maybe a big GrrRRAaaAwwWWW!!! Let’s Go!!

The Whole Forest is Expecting you.

[]  []  []  []  TIMBOLETTI  (3000Grad) []  []  []  []

Numerous Rumors have cross the oceans, airwaves and the flock of planes that are landing everyday on our small Island. Timboletti has escaped from his confetti factory and is now on the road with a flea circus spreading magic plague to your feet.

Bare Foot Beat confirm this rather pleasant news.

This is with an hypnotic rattle of a steam train in a sepia colored movie that we will travel while witnessing the unwitnessable with Gyzeh, Pichu, Angkor or Garni in the Back.

The perfectly shaped international booking for Bare Foot Beat. Expect some cuddly waves and craving feet.

[]  []  []  []  MOONTIDE  (Beat & Path) []  []  []  []

MOONTIDE has returned from los Muertos de Mejico. Peyotle sparkles in the eye  and heart fool of aspiration for his local crowd, he will be back behind the helm for a drift in a swell of stars. Moontide always creates huge piles of smile. He was headlining the very first Bare Foot Beat and no one can ever have enough of his cosy tides.

[]  []  []  []  Bhakti (The Nectar Cow)  []  []  []  []

Every Step a Dance and Every Word a Song. Bhakti Vardhana Goode Art is an Upliftment Transcendental Sound Vibration deliciously Lushed in world flavours.

Live Bamboo Flutes made by his crafty hands, Percussion Sampling and Looping for

an ecstatic DJ set delivered with love.

≠≠≠≠≠ TREE PLANTING ≠≠≠≠≠

1 Dollar per ticket sold is going to ReForest Now to plant some trees!


Bare Foot Beat is an opportunity to acknowledge, and pay respect, to the Traditional Owners and ongoing custodians of the land – the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

While dancing on the soil of the Byron Bay Brewery we are paying respect to the Bundjalung people and their land.

≠≠≠≠≠ Extra Dash of Love ≠≠≠≠≠

For you who is reading this all the way to the end. Who are you?

Thanks for carring!

More to be said soon!