Yogrishi Vishvketu Weekend Workshop April 5 and 6


Journey Through The Five Elements Weekend Workshop

Saturday April 5th and Sunday April 6th 2014

Cost : $65 per session or $110 for one day

$200 for the whole weekend making a saving of $60


Yogrishi Vishvketu is here again!! He brings to Shiva Shakti an incredible weekend workshop journeying through the 5 Elements of Existence. Each session can be attended separately or you can book in for one day or the whole weekend for a discounted price. We are incredibly blessed to have this beautiful yogi share his unparalleled wisdom with us and guide us through this incredible experience.

Saturday 9:00-12:00 Session

Journey through the Five Elements.

In this workshop session, we will about the energetic layers of being (5 koshas), and how they operate in our lives. This holistic practice will take you through a short repeated sequence on an ever deepening journey through the layers. As we complete the bliss layer, we will enjoy a spontaneous relaxation and meditation. As usual with Vishva ji’s holistic Akhanda Yoga classes, this class will include asana, pranayama, visualization, relaxation and meditation.

Saturday 2:00-5:00

Hip Opening Akhanda Flow Session: Theme – Root and Sacral Chakras

Removing energy obstacles and flowing through stuck emotions.

Discussion: Water, movement, going with the flow. What does it mean, and when should we resist habitual patterns and consciously create new ones. Recent research in neuroplasticity confirms what Patanjali mentions in the Yoga Sutra (I:…) When a pattern is dysfunctional we can “cultivate the opposite” and literally re-create our reality, sculpt the flow of our lives.

Mantra practices and Closing Mantra

 Sunday 9:00-12:00 Session

Fire Puja followed by Classical Kundalini Class

In this class we will explore oscillating movements, postures, mantra, and both dynamic and integrative pranayama techniques. We will also work with chakra visualizations and seed sounds – the rich symbolism of the Tantra tradition. The flow of the class will be particularly geared towards the theme of the Navel and Heart Chakras, and Fire and Air.

Discussion: The meaning of fire and light in yoga. Exploring what arose in the class, pranayama explanations, and the energetic doorway/movement from the navel to the heart chakra.


Sunday 2:00-5:00 Session

Going more deeply into integrative and nurturing breathing practices like Anuloma Viloma and Brahmaree

Hatha-Raja class: Discovering bliss through the sound of the bees, including 15-minute meditation. Theme: 3rd eye and crown.

An astoundingly beautiful practice, meditative and deeply opening, a beautiful finale to this astounding workshop.

Mantra and Closing ritual


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