Yasar Akpence HAREM’de


Coorabell Hall Saturday 5 March

he performances of Harem’de are charged with electricity, bringing with them the past and the future of this music. The sounds and energy they impart will stay with you long after they have finished playing…


Founder of world famous percussion group HAREM, master percussionist Yasar Akpence was born in Istanbul in 1966. He started playing music at the age of five and since that time has forged an impressive career, having become one of the most sought after percussionists not only in Turkey but around the world.

Internationally renowned percussion ensemble, Harem has been extremely successful, selling millions of copies of their album throughout the world and touring in fifty five countries over six years. They ranked in the top ten of the popular music charts in Turkey, Europe and the Middle East for many years. Yasar has performed with almost every major artist in Turkey, spanning many genres including pop, traditional. gypsy, jazz, arabesque and contemporary. Some of these artists include Ivo Papasov, Aziza Mustafa Zadeh, Asala, Neval, and Sezan Aksu, His most recent project is Harem’de. Having returned to the roots of the gypsy music style and brought back the original elements of Harem, the focus is once again on the virtuoso performance of the musicians, all of whom are masters of this music.

The group consists of clarinet, kanun, keyboards and two percussionists and drums. The music they play changes from soulful traditional songs to energetic dance styles, all underpinned by the spectacular percussion section. He has produced two albums with this project – ‘Rhythm of dance’ and ‘Harem’de’ and is currently producing the third. www.karavanfestival.com

Yasar Akpence HAREM’de
Coorabell Hall
Saturday 5 March
Doors 7pm/Show 8pm
Tix: $20 pre/$25 door
Food By Open Table
Avail: Mullum Books, Barebones Bangalow, All Music & Vision stores, www.kupromotions.oztix.com.au