World’s tallest crystals unveiled in Byron

Photo by Jacob Clarke

This week the tallest crystals in the world were unveiled in the Byron Bay hinterland at the Crystal Castle. Standing 5.3 metres tall and weighing 19,000 kilograms or 19 tonnes, the pair of crystals are estimated to be at least 120 million years old.

“We see them as a beacon of hope” outlined the Crystal Castle’s Managing Dreamer Naren King, who orchestrated the epic journey to bring the giants from Uruguay to Byron Bay. “They are a human charging station. Everybody is welcome to come and stand in between them to be recharged. The energies are immensely powerful”.

Not only are these natural monuments the world’s tallest crystals, they are also unique due to their make up. “If they were the size of my hand they would still be among the rarest crystals ever seen” outlined King. Five different crystals make up the geode – smoky quartz, amethyst, clear quartz, calcite and agate. “I’ve never seen anything like it in thirty years of collecting crystals”.

The unveiling marks the Crystal Castle’s 30th Anniversary and they join what is already the largest outdoor display of crystals in the world. Open daily, visitors can get up close and personal with the world’s tallest crystals and they can marvel at the world’s largest crystal cave – the recently unveiled amethyst Enchanted Cave, which stands 5.5 metres wide. Visitors can hear singing plants, have their auras read, feast on produce grown onsite, undertake workshops, explore the Shambhala Gardens and join the ritual of the Peace Experience around the Kalachakra World Peace Stupa.

“Our intention is to provide a place where people can feel awe and reverence, where they remember that they are a part of nature” said Naren King. “This new addition acts as a giant antenna. The unique crystal make up has an energy of deep peace and grounding. We are calling them the Crystal Guardians because not only can you personally imbue their energy by being near them, but also just by being here they bring this energy into the land – into the Crystal Castle and the Byron region”.