Vegetarian Cooking School and Lifestyle Trainings for Chefs


[quote_center]Popular vegetarian chef Veet Karen opens one of the world’s first ethical, organic Vegetarian Cooking School and Lifestyle trainings for chefs. Starts in June, Byron Bay.[/quote_center]

After establishing a highly successful catering business – Veet’s Cuisine – vegetarian chef extraordinaire Veet Karen has just created one of the world’s first ethical organic vegetarian cooking schools for chefs in Byron Bay.

“After seven years of training myself and creating a renowned catering business I am ready to merge my twelve years teaching skills to deliver a course that I wished was available to me,” says Veet Karen.

Designed for people who want to specialise in cooking vegetarian cuisine, and respond to, a growing public demand for high quality, delicious, balanced wholefoods and vegetarian cooking. The training is also for people who want to learn to live healthily as a vegetarian.

The Vegetarian Cooking School is based on ethical principles and 100 % organic food will be used. This is a plant-based chef and life-style training and participants will not have to handle any meat or animal by-products.

Veet is passionate about teaching food enthusiasts how to be healthy vegetarians and enjoy
preparing a well-balanced diet of nutritious and delicious food.

The Vegetarian Cooking School is based on a strong set of ethics around food – sourcing local
organic produce, cooking food from scratch and eliminating unnecessary packaging.

Veet believes it’s simple, but vitally important, to hold an ethical standpoint around food and she attracts many passionate foodies who share her viewpoint and approach.

The course has been designed to be completed in either six months or spread over two years. With a flexible structure, there are four entry points where chefs may start – June, July, September and October.

The course takes advantage of many farmers markets in the Byron Bay area. There will be a number of visits and meetings with growers who offer high quality, local organic produce.

“At The Vegetarian Cooking School I want to support people’s health with a focus on ethical eating as well as helping them establish ethical food businesses,” says Veet.