UKE NIGHT – Brian Jones Rolling Stones October 29


Who doesn’t love the first few years of any band? The out pouring of raw creativity as the young singer songwriters and players search for a voice to call their own. SATISFACTION, PAINT IT BLACK, MOTHERS LITTLE HELPER, SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL… This Stones songbook book is for Brian Jones… He started the band (so I have read). His influence is certainly felt on this selection of tunes. Hope you enjoy learning them.

Join Miss Amber and Stukulele with very special guests Jerry Chambers (Jerry and The Rollers / Budz ) Peter Claydon ( The Soul Shakers / The Propellers ) as Mick Jagger and our good friend Evan Sun as Keith and Brian Jones. Also in the band – Alan Brooker on Bass, Rex Carter on Drums and Maria Stratton on violin, BV’s and percussion.

Don’t miss out, ukers and music fans. This will be another unforgettable night.

October 29 at the Mullumbimby Ex-Services Club

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