Uke Mullum’s 8th Birthday & Bye for Now


After 8 joyous years, Miss Amber and Stukulele present the final Mullum UKE NIGHT back at the Courthouse Hotel, where they began the monthly event back in July of 2011.

As it is a birthday celebration you can expect a cast of thousands including: Raku One O’Gaia, Sara Tindley, Ash Bell, Clelia Adams and many more surprises.

This may not be the last ever UKE NIGHT in Mullumbimby though it will mark a break for an undetermined time. Stu and Amber wish to extend their sincere gratitude and love to the Ex-Services Club for the last four years of generous support and to each and every being who has shown up, ukulele in hand or not to share so many great memories, musical or otherwise.

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The Courthouse Hotel • FRIDAY 26 JULY : Restaurant from 5pm | Strumming starts at 7:30pm | Adults $15 | Kids under 16 $2.50 | Family of four $25