The Yellow Car Book Launch


THE YELLOW CAR – How I stopped driving myself crazy


Join us as we launch this fabulous and funny book that is driving away with worry! Expect to meet great people, hear some entertaining stories, and imbibe some wine and nibbles. Tickets are free!

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“Playful and important.” Shawn Achor – NYT bestselling author of The Happiness Advantage

“Toni Powell teaches us a new mantra.” Ben Lee, songwriter

“Insightful, freeing and funny, I loved The Yellow Car. ” Chip Conley, CEO Airbnb

“With humour, insight and wisdom Toni gives us a great vehicle for change.” Petrea King, founder Quest for LIfe

Wednesday, August 19 @ 5.30pm, Collins Books, Byron Bay

Learn more about Toni Powell, her book and Gratitude Workshops at