The Local Byron Bay Cookbook Everyone Needs in Their Kitchen

When you think of food in Byron Bay, you think fresh, locally grown, organic, tasty, and tantalising. Chef Ronit Robbaz, who owns popular Open Table cooking school and catering in Myocum, embodies the essence of Byron Bay and surrounds, creating mouth-watering culinary feasts using fresh seasonal ingredients, which you too can now create at home, thanks to the launch of Ronit’s new cookbook.

The Byron Bay area is renowned for attracting free-spirited people, and Ronit landed there in 1997 after travelling the world with her passion for exploring food and culture. She bought with her new ways of combining spices, flavours, and ingredients that are all beautifully presented as easy, delicious, nutritious recipes.
The Open Table cookbook is the culmination of Ronit’s food odyssey and is divided into five parts, the Middle East, India, the Mediterranean, Latin America, and the Moorish region. These are places Ronit lived, worked, and explored. This cookbook is a journey through the eyes and taste buds of a new age, nomadic gypsy who just so happens to cook delicious food in the heart of Byron Bay!

Ronit shared that it’s not just the food odyssey that is important to her for the cookbook, it also serves another purpose. To help people connect. “It fills my heart, especially in the day and age that we live, where we are experiencing disconnect. It’s not only COVID, but also the disconnect from people being distracted by their phone and the computer. Food is a seriously amazing bridge to bring people together from all walks of life and for them to be present in the moment.

“I love meeting and connecting with people and the school and catering allows me to do just that with such a wide variety of people, locals, and travelers alike. It’s about the food, the story and transmission of what’s behind the food, but it’s so much more than that, when you meet beautiful people and get to learn from them. The cookbook is an extension of this. It allows me to connect with people all over the world who cook my recipes. I love to see photos of their culinary creations and experiences on social media,” she said.

Not only is Ronit food obsessed, but she is people and community obsessed. With the recent flooding, Ronit went above and beyond, working with a team of 20+ caterers and restauranteurs for over ten days to provide over 100,000 meals for those affected by the floods.

Open Table Cooking School and Catering is now in its 17th successful year of creating fabulous settings and sumptuous fine food for private events and celebrations. Ronit hosts monthly open cooking classes, as well as private classes for corporates and groups with themes that vary from Middle Eastern Hafla, Moorish feast, vegan, and vegetarian delights to Ayurvedic cuisine.

Be sure to snap up a copy of the Open Table Cookbook for your kitchen.
Open Table Cookbook is available for purchase from the Open Table website