The Future of Byron Bay Festivals

Byron Bay and surrounds play host to many festivals and events each year – the three ‘big’ ones being; Byron Bay Blues Festival, Splendour in the Grass, and Byron Bay Writers Festival.

The Blues Festival started at the Arts Factory, and moved to the football grounds and more recently to Belongil Fields. A couple years ago the Blues Festival organisers bought a property in Tyagrah to make their own permanent festival site. They are seeking approval now – but are facing many objections from local residence and various groups concerned for the environment.

Splendour in the Grass which is held at Belongil Fields, purchased a property in Yelgun and have sought approval for a trail event for the past couple of years.

The Byron Bay Writers Festival was hosted at the Byron Bay Beach Resort, when Becton purchased the Beach Resort site for their development they agreed to continue to allow the Writers Festival to be held at the site. However, due to finacial trouble, Becton has stopped development of the Beach Resort property. This year (this weekend) the Writers Festival is being held at Belongil Fields.

Now – if you’ve read this far you would have noticed that Belongil Fields currently plays host to the three major festival, and that alternative festival sites are not easy to come by… Well, Belongil Fields is set to be subdivided into residential / light industry blocks of land.

So, I dare say that the next few months will be very important to all festival organisers, workers and the tens of thousands of people who attend them.

If you are a regular festival goer, I suggest you join your favorite festival’s email list to be kept up to date on all developments.