SUTU / AR EXHIBITION at the Byron Bay Film Festival


In 2016, BBFF celebrated its 10th birthday, and marked the occasion by holding our biggest festival yet. BBFF has been sharing VR experiences with our Filmmakers since 2014 and a new feature in the mix was opening up our demonstrations of virtual and augmented reality technology to the general public.

As well as new award categories based around VR, the festival also conducted workshops and demonstrations for filmmakers, artists and attendees on this new medium.

Don’t miss the incredible work of artist Sutu (Stuart Campbell) at this year’s festival, where you will get to experience an astonishing collaboration between art and technology with AUGMENTED REALITY (AR).

‘Prosthetic Reality’ is a first of it’s kind Augmented Reality Art book featuring 45 esteemed artists from around the world. The project has been heralded by Vice Creators Project as ‘the most ambitious AR art project’ to date.

Works by Sutu from the book will be on display during BBFF.

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