Support local indie film maker, watch THE CLEAN UP CREW

Great short horror film by local Jayden Creighton, filmed in Bexhill (the hinterland near Lismore – inland from Byron).

Here’s Jaydens bio & intro…

You’ve probably seen a couple of my posts floating around, but let me introduce myself properly. My name is Jayden. I‘ve probably sold you a bag of chicken once or twice when Lenard’s was a thing (I was the boy that people thought was a girl because my voice hadn’t cracked yet). More recently I might have scanned your items too fast at Aldi, or tossed you the keys to a brand new car 🚗 I’m also an indie filmmaker trying to get my name out there.

I’ve just released my latest short, about a ragtag group of trauma cleaners who find themselves in the cross hairs of a serial killer. It’s a horror, but it’s eighties inspired and super tongue in cheek, filmed right here in Bex Hill. If that sounds like your thing, please, please, please show it some support by clicking the link, and maybe giving it a thumbs up or a comment on YouTube.

If you really like it, you could share with your friends to widen our reach. We’ve seen some amazing community support on our last two shorts and I’d love to replicate their success, but it all hinges on the first 48-72 hours on the platform. If the analytics look good, YouTube will show it to a wider audience 🤗 thank you in advance, and we hope you have a good time watching!