Summersong Music Camp January 2015


Alison Pearl Presents the 16th annual Summersong Music Camp from Jan 1723rd, at Lake Ainsworth Sport & Rec Centre in Lennox Heads.

Tony Backhouse conductingThis intensive music-making holiday is the rare chance to spend a week focussed solely on playing music and celebrating, while living oceanside and lakeside at the height of summer.  Designed for all levels of experience and ages 16 on up, the focus is on living music-making as a celebration of life and creating an ongoing musical community.

This year’s faculty includes:  Tony Backouse, Shelly Hughes, Greg Sheehan, Wayne Jury, Karl Farren, Luciano Mesiti, Jane Cornes, Kathryn Riding and Talya Rabinovitz.  They’ll be teaching daily classes in A Capella choral singing, vocal techniques and vocal jamming, Songwriting, Lyric Writing, percussion and body percussion, movement impro and relaxation, Band Lab, Guitar, piano.  The evenings are filled with faculty and student concerts, jam circles, celebrations and more.
Partial Youth Scholarships available for those ages 16 – 24.  Residential and non-residential places available.
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