Starlight Festival shines bright with renowned keynote presenters


What: The 23rd year of this nationally renowned cultural event will feature four transformational days of keynote speakers, soundbaths, yoga, workshops, chant, breathwork and much more. Each day features a full program of events included with entry and the main hall with its celebrated community of yogis, healers, artists, psychics, practitioners and presenters. Treat yourself and enjoy a truly Byron Bay experience. Nurture your mind, body and soul at the Starlight Festivals this January 3rd-6th at the A&I Hall in Bangalow.

When: 3rd-6th of January 2019.

Where: Bangalow (A&I Hall & Surrounding Pavilions)
Price: $25 one day pass. 4 day pass $60. Locals 2 for 1 days on the 3rd & 4th January.
Tickets at the door or online

Brandon Bays
Brandon Bays, international bestselling author and pioneer of the Journey Method, is one of the most dynamic, inspirational and innovative teachers in the field of personal growth and cellular healing. Her radically transformative work has grown organically and exponentially over the last 20 years. It offers practical, accessible and liberating process work that can be used by anyone, in all areas of life to uncover and awaken limitless potential and bring about healing, freedom, true fulfillment and abundance on all levels of being – emotionally, physically, spiritually, materially. Brandon is an authentic living example of her work. Her open, candid honesty combined with her genuine compassion for the human condition and her relaxed, warm-hearted humour, bring her teachings alive with insight, depth, humanity and grace. She counts the greatest blessing in her life to be given the immense privilege of serving awakening and healing around the world.

Goothala Doyle
Goothala Doyle is a dreamtime healer, actor, traditional craftsman/artisan, cultural educator and activist. Presented in 2017 at the World First Nations traditional knowledge conference. Goothala Doyle’s country and peoples are Yuggurabul. Goothala was first recognised as the first Aboriginal person to successfully sue the Queensland police department in the 80s. He attended the Aboriginal and Islander dance theatre in Glebe, it became NAISDA before he left and Bangarra was being birthed around the time. Goothala married a beautiful intelligent woman of the Wik peoples of western Cape York and they share 3 beautiful intelligent girls, now women. He was chosen to represent Australia and protest against the French nuclear testing in the south pacific, alongside representatives of First Nations peoples of the South Pacific. He travelled to Canada for the First Nations Round Table Festival in Vancouver. Goothala has worked at a grassroots level in the Aboriginal Communities of Napranum and Aurukun communities. He has worked in many roles from homeland movement to community place officer. Goothala worked as a Youth Officer and then Community Partnerships Officer for Education Queensland. He has acted in a few movies. A couple of these movies are ‘Dead Creek’ by Benjamin Southwell and Eagle Hawk by Bryan Nason. He lives a semi traditional life and has had no fixed address for many years even when being enslaved in the systems of government and industry. He has worked for education & environment centers conducted weaving, didgeridoo, bushtukka and medicine walks and talks on country. Goothala currently delivers authentic cultural education circles, first under the nature yarn elements circles and now spirit circles ancient wisdom.

Margot Cairns
In 2008 Margot was one of a 1000 people to be invited by the Australian government to the 20/20 Summit in Canberra. Margot once shared a podium with Hilary Clinton and Queen Rania of Jordan for a global webcast out of New York. Margot has been chosen as one of 500 social revolutionaries – including the Dalai Lama and Eckhart Tolle to appear in a global documentary titled “Stand In My Shoes” a film to launch an empathy revolution. Award winning Australian playwright David Williamson based his play Corporate Vibes on Margot’s book “Approaching the Corporate Heart.” Margot has written six books on strategic leadership during times of rapid change. In her first major consulting assignment (which resulted in the client being named the world benchmark), Margot led 16 men in aluminium dinghys from Innamincka (in the heart of Australia) down the flood waters of Cooper’s Creek into Lake Eyre, as a leadership development exercise. Margot has represented Australia at World Economic Events all around the world. For the first three years of her career, Margot ran the Darwin Family Centre, which provides the majority of childcare and family support for the top end of Australia. Margot is highly regarded and respected as an inspirational mentor, advisor and partner to Boards and CEOs of multinational companies. She addresses crucial strategic issues in people, management and leadership to devise whole organisation transformation projects. Margot works with people bringing alignment, heart, authenticity and strength in an ever changing world.

Festival organiser Rosie Richards says: “The Starlight Festival brings together the best aspects of the Byron shire community and creates a space for sharing, expanding consciousness and supporting each others journey on this planet.”

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