Splendour in the Grass 2018 Arts Program




    Sacrifices. Graveyards. Ritual burials. Just another day at The Barn with artist ANDY FORBES!  Influenced by the realms of religious cults, fetish and socio-political taboos, get ready for some graveyard boogie with spooky DJ’s in the barn window, audience interactive comedy, and sacrifices when Andy returns to present THE WITCH HUNT and PICKLES FAMILY FUNERALS.

    Meet THE CLEANERS! Presented by SHOCK THERAPY PRODUCTIONS, the scene begins with a completely white living room that sits 7 metres above the ground. Two cleaners in white uniforms take great pains to maintain the room’s perfect whiteness. On the ground below sits a giant slingshot. Beside the slingshot, a large collection of mud-filled balloons. Let the games begin. Fights, meltdowns, existential crisis; who knows what will unfold.

    With head spinning geometric patterns that are like mind-bending optical illusions, SAM SONGAILO returns with GATEWAYS 2. Songailo’s work takes form in painting, installation, video, sound and sculpture. Highly immersive and happening on a monumental scale, you won’t be missing Gateways 2 at Splendour 2018!

    Andy Warhol says rich people eat the same hot dogs as regular people. To prove it, COOL SHIT, the Kings of creating large scale shit that is very f*cking cool (remember Happy Kanye from 2017, or Nicholas Cage in a Cage from 2015?), present SNOOP DOGG HOT DOGS. Visit the garden of Snoop Dogg Hot Dogs, serving American dreams all day, erryday.

    LAITH MCGREGOR is obsessed with figures who have beards and are without eyes – their empty sockets sit in vacant faces that still manage to appear tragic, making us feel all the feels. HIDE YOUR EYES is a self-portrait in the likeness of a guru/religious figure. Ready with permanent markers to be drawn directly onto the work, channel your inner Banksy and draw faces, text, graffiti and ramblings of your own. Let the fun begin.
    Melbourne-born visual artist ASH KEATING likes to work big. He makes enormous paintings, sometimes 20-metres tall. Like hugely physical performance art, Ash explores colour, movement, paint, water, air and gravity. He painted the entrance tunnel for Splendour in the Grass in 2016 and now returns to repaint the surface with his ongoing GRAVITY SYSTEM RESPONSE series.