Revolution of Art, Retrospect Galleries Byron Bay


This week sees the opening of Retrospect Galleries’ annual urban art show, Revolution of Art, showcasing ideas and expressions reflecting global youth culture.


Now in its third year, Retrospect Galleries’ annual urban art show is its most risqué and has also been its most controversial.

In its first year the show prompted complaints and a visit from police to review content that one or two members of the public had found offensive.

But Retrospect Galleries Director Bree Delian says that apart from a couple of instances, the show has always appealed to a broad audience, and has become a favourite for many local people.

In the past couple of years Revolution of Art has showcased diverse works from young artists around the world, exploring themes such as consumerism, greed, poverty, homelessness, fear, conformity, uniformity and boredom, through diverse media including pop art, street art, stencil, drawing, painting, printing and mixed media.

Highlights of this year’s event include paintings by Indian artist Jenny Bhatt, critiquing urban consumer culture and exploring the concept of MokshaShotsTM (or a taste of the sublime), through a series of works based around the theme of ‘Liberation through Consumption’. And a stunning series of prints combining traditional woodcut relief with a fine dry crystal etching technique, by Spanish artist Vilchez, in which the tribal cultures of Latino Maras gangs is compared to that of Japanese Yakuza warriors, depicted as tattoos on the gangster’s bodies.

Revolution of Art opens at Retrospect Galleries, Byron Bay 6pm Friday July 16, with a live tattooing demo in the Gallery. Featuring works by Trent Whitehead, Donna Malone, Kareem Rizk, Nikky Morgan-Smith, Nathaniel Kiwi, Jenny Bhatt, Karlee Mackie, Apeseven, Kitty Horton, Nate, Freya Tripp, Vexta, Sam Smith, Caitlin Rigby, Gimiks Born, Makatron, James Flynn, Alberto Sanchez and Millie Zavattaro.

Visit;, or the gallery at 52 Jonson St Byron Bay.


  1. I enjoyed these articles

    ive heard of a quite surreal event coming up on saturday which is in the industrial estate, thought you guys should here first. Creative delights in a garden forest setting. Byron needs less organic food and more organic originality, what do you think? Have a look!

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