Preparing for Isolation in Byron Bay


Byron Bay is a popular place for backpackers and adventure travellers. As the threat of coronavirus creeps ever closer to home, many locals are concerned that the deadly virus will soon take hold of their paradise, and they would be forced to spend their days in isolation. More recently, the Byron Shire Council is calling out Airbnb and other holiday rental organizations that are promoting the area as an ideal place to self-isolate. As a response, the Council now bans buses from bringing in scores of people into the city. To further prevent backpackers from heading to their region, the Council decided on closing both of Main Beach and Clark’s Beach car parks.

Byron Bay Mayor Simon Richardson expressed his frustration over backpackers spending several hours on a bus to head to Byron Bay amid the threat of coronavirus.

“It is unhelpful for our community, and if we don’t want people to congregate and we don’t want people to visit, let’s stop the opportunity for them to do so,” said Richardson.

Isolating the Locals

Aside from tourists, locals are also encouraged to practice social distancing. Local officials said that they would appreciate it if the locals would stay at home and avoid congregations of any sort. As part of the social distancing measures, the Byron Bay Council also banned buskers and other activities in public places. Several scheduled festivals have also been cancelled or postponed as of writing. This includes the Byron Writer Festival and the Splendour in the Grass Festival, among others.

What To Do While in Isolation

Locals staying at home are advised to engage in activities to stave off their boredom efficiently. Here are some tips:

Catch Up on Your Lawn Duties
If you are one of those who have been putting off your lawn duties for too long, now is the time to tackle the chore. If you don’t trust yourself with a lawnmower, you can schedule a lawn service from professionals. As of writing, in Byron Bay still accepts bookings for lawn maintenance.

Clear Your Clutter
Now that you are going to spend so much more time in your home, you will realize just how much clutter you have in your home. Start by sorting it out room by room, so you don’t overwhelm yourself and end up with a large pile of clutter in every corner of your home.

Clean Your Musical Instruments
If you have a bunch of musical instruments waiting for your tender loving care, you can use this time to give them some much-needed attention. Since you can’t play them in public spaces, use this time to clean them. Make sure that you do a thorough cleaning, so you don’t have to worry if there are any viruses lurking in your instruments.

Pick Up a New Hobby
If you are not working from home and you have tons of free time on your hands, use it to pick up a new hobby. How about painting or gardening? These activities can keep you busy while waiting for the coronavirus to end its reign of terror.

Catch Up on Your Reading
If you are one of those who are complaining of not having enough time to pick up and read a book, use this time in isolation to catch up on your reading. Pick up your favourite book or the latest bestseller. Who knows — you might just get the inspiration to write your own book.

Byron Bay is a beautiful paradise for both locals and tourists. If we aim to keep it that way, lets all follow the rules set by the Council to ensure that everyone remains safe from the threat of the coronavirus. Soon enough, Australia will be able to flatten the curve.