In celebration of International Fungi Day on 15 October!

A fundraiser presented by Brunswick Valley Landcare. Each ticket sold helps Brunswick Valley Landcare do more plantings, habitat restoration and bush regeneration projects across the Byron Shire.

Planet Fungi is a pioneering fungi adventure in the remote Eastern Himalayas. Internationally-acclaimed fungi photographer Stephen Axford and local tribal guides take us on a journey of discovery into a world of extraordinary, beautiful and bizarre mushrooms… a world beyond imagination.

Part travelogue, part exploration of a new frontier of scientific discovery, part immersion in the tribal cultures of the Eastern Himalayas all combined with Stephen Axford’s exquisite photography and fungi time-lapses.

Stephen’s images of mushrooms have been featured in leading science and nature magazines across the globe. His exquisite time lapses of fungi growing are showcased in the award-winning documentaries Planet Earth 2, Hostile Planet, Our Planet, The Kingdom — how fungi made the earth, and now in this documentary — Planet Fungi: North East India.

The kingdom of fungi is one of the largest kingdoms of life on the planet, with an estimated four to five million species. However, to date scientists have only described about 200,000 of them, yet fungi are a vital part of the ecosystem and most people don’t realise that without fungi there would be no forests.

Directed by Catherine Marciniak.