Nimbin MardiGrass 3-5 may 2024

Nimbin MardiGrass hosts dozens of events across the 3 days with a Cannabis Law Reform Rally & Parade on Sunday afternoon.

Nimbin MardiGrass 3-5 May 2024
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MardiGrass is a cannabis law reform rally and festival held annually in the town of Nimbin, in north east New South Wales, Australia.

In March 1993, after a decade of raids and arrests, and a particularly intensive recent period of random street searches, arrests and rough treatment, a spontaneous demonstration erupted, and marched to the police station, pelting it with eggs and toilet paper.

Negative newspaper reports followed. Nimbin Hemp Embassy (formerly “Nimbin Hemp”) members decided to hold a peaceful protest in a non-confrontational atmosphere that ordinary people could comfortably attend, on 1 May 1993. That was the first MardiGrass. (The spelling is that officially used by the MardiGrass Organising Body) The MardiGrass Organising Body (MOB) was formed to manage the event and consists entirely of volunteers. The intention is to hold a MardiGrass every year until prohibition ends.