NETTIE SUMNER Chronicle: Silent Conversations


“In my artistic exploration, I craft hand-knitted wire sculptures that serve as a chronicle, narrating varied tales, woven into the Australian landscape. Each sculpture endeavours to capture the essence of these facets from a different perspective and timeline.

Using a blend of hand-knitting techniques and materials, my sculptures emerge as compositions that bridge the gap between the Traditional and Contemporary. The wire, knitted by hand, not only forms the intricate structure of each piece but also symbolises the interconnectedness and resilience inherent in the Australian environment.

Within the Chronicle collection, I delve into the heart of the oceans, the bush’s rugged terrain, the untamed wilderness, and the transformative play of light. Each sculpture becomes a visual narrative, inviting viewers to explore the relationship between traditional craft and contemporary expression. The juxtaposition of hand-knitted wire with the diverse textures and forms of the Australian landscape becomes a metaphor for the evolving dialogue between nature and human creativity.

By incorporating contemporary materials, I aim to redefine the boundaries of traditional techniques, infusing new life into the storytelling process. The sculptures, in essence, become a chronicle of the ever-changing Australian landscape and the ongoing dialogue between heritage and innovation. I aspire to invite contemplation, connection, and a renewed appreciation for the multifaceted beauty that defines the Australian experience.

Within this collection, clay takes on a pivotal role, embodying the essence of the rich earth. The clay elements ground the narratives, connecting them to the tangible, earthly roots that form the foundation of the stories being told. Simultaneously, wire becomes a dynamic medium, capturing the play of glinting light and sunshine, the oceans and the wilderness that characterises Australia – imparting a sense of vibrancy and movement to these narratives.”

Nettie Sumner, 2024

Chronicle: Silent Conversations
Lone Goat Gallery
January 13 – February 10, 2024
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