LY DE ANGELES Headlines Byron Spirit Festival


Best-selling Author, Tarot Expert, Historian, Filmmaker, Theatre Producer, Director, Martial Artist and Witch headlines Byron Spirit Festival, April 16 & 17.

The Byron Spirit Festival is hugely excited to be presenting the unique insights of Ly de Angeles, back in her former homeland, in a two-part, in depth workshop.

Born in Sydney and currently residing in Melbourne, Ly de Angeles has spent her life exploring beyond the boundaries of our manufactured myths and culture to unearth our truths. A ‘seeker’ in the classic sense of the word, Ly’s fearless life journey has seen her travel the world to learn and share knowledge with great skill, heart and passion.

The author of the best-selling ‘The Quickening”, plus ‘Tarot: Theory and Practice”, ‘Witchcraft: Theory and Practice”, “The Shining Isle” and “Genesis”, locals will also recall her extraordinary updated production of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar” in Bangalow in 2000.

Ly says: ‘I’ll be presenting BLUE PEOPLE 
(the title is a reference to the woad and tattooed people of our ancestors – a two part workshop) 
at the Byron Spirit Festival on April 16 & 17th. 
This is an initiatory and shamanic experience and participants will be taken elsewhere, to deeply to recognise themselves within the nature and subsequent decimation of the ways of the indigenous British ((Priteni) Celts. 
We also welcome those of other cultures that may not know this story (sceala). 
This will be a slightly grueling experience. 
For more information please visit the Facebook Page and the Facebook Events Page.’

She has also been invited to sit with Indigenous Elders at a Q and A session.

All details are on the festival website: